• rainbow trout – 1,5 kg.
  • cream 35% – 250 gr
  • leek – 100 gr
  • cherry tomatoes – 200 gr
  • carrots – 1 qty
  • lemon – 0,5 qty.
  • cheese – 50 gr
  • salt, pepper , slices for fish


So, to cook the trout with a creamy sauce, we take the fish, wash it well and cut it into pieces. Now, from the largest piece, carefully select the meat, remove the bones. You have to work carefully to make the fish fillet as whole as possible. When all the bones are pulled out, cut the trout into small pieces, salt, pepper the fish with spices as desired. Add the juice of half a fresh lemon, mix everything well and leave to marinate for about an hour at room temperature.

Without wasting time, we will prepare a dressing for the fish. To do this, take a leek and cut it into slices and three carrots on a coarse grater. Cut the garlic cloves into plates and fry all the vegetables in sunflower oil until golden brown. Then mix everything well and add the cherry tomatoes. Fry everything together on low heat, stirring occasionally so that the tomatoes do not crumble.

Next, we prepare the sauce for the trout. Put a small pot on the fire, pour in the cream and heat it on low heat. Then add the flour and beat well so that no lumps form. When the mixture is well heated, add the chopped dill and let it all boil, but do not boil!

Now that all the ingredients are ready, let’s start cooking the rainbow trout in a creamy sauce. Take dishes for baking, put the fried vegetable mixture on the bottom, then spread the pieces of trout and mix everything gently. Pour over with cream sauce and sprinkle with grated cheese.

Put the dish in the preheated oven at 180 ° C and bake for about 45 minutes. At the end of the year, the trout in creamy cheese sauce ready, it’s time to invite everyone to the table!